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Insight: “A collection of selected poems from Contemporary global poets along with its related Poetic analysis, appreciations, previews, reviews and interviews “

Books of poems are created with a plethora of secrets, which springs like crystalline waters of immeasurable depth, and are best savored in the stillness of a quiet moment. INSIGHT is an impressive collection of poems, compiled with accomplished flair by the talented Author Williamsji Maveli. He enters a new universe of literary meaning and value, with supreme understanding of rhythm and prose. There is so much depth, in the eloquence sprinkled with beauty throughout the pages that keeps the reader captivated by the changing moods and feelings expressed with great style by the poetic rendering. INSIGHT brings us closer to perceiving the complexity and the many aspects of life; love, passion and despair. The poetic voices ring in unison and deference to the beauty of expression and sheer joy of living.

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